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Actually, I only wanted to create another level for the (possible) sequel of the riddle

Tales from the DarkSide & now look, where I ended up (& this as a non-riddler)...!


There seems to be a new & highly infectious disease spreading called «malsano riddliatis»...

(but don't worry, no deceased till now)...!


In my first (themed) creation, expect donkey work as much as (hopefully) easy-going times...!

Enjoy also lovely pictures, nice music (sound ON!) & loads of wordplays (no hidden stuff)...!

☺ ☻ ☺

Special thanks to

@ my little darling girl for her assistance & abundance of patience...

(when Mummy dwelt on her computer once more for too long...! ☺)

@ Jonthewatch for his helpful assembling instructions & great technical support...

(I just loved to click him for a private chat...! ☻)

@ SwissMiss & Mtatt for beta-testing & correcting my English slips...

(make assurance double sure...! ☺)

@ Escaper, the owner of such a great game site: EG24...

(without it, I probably would be bored beyond belief...! ☻)

@ all Cboxers & Darksiders for keeping their fingers crossed for (100%) premiere...

(well, L&G, now you can let them go, you need them for typing & to pull out your hair...! ;-P)

☺ ☻ ☺


- type your assumed solutions in the answer box with NO spaces or uppercase

- leave (big) hints in comments for all players being hopelessly stuck

  (like me in other riddles LOL!)

& don't forget:

«A Geologist with a Kiwi is Granmaa's very best friend...!»